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Affordable Fees


At Primera, we strive for excellence and efficiency, and we believe we can offer these legal services in a way that is affordable to you.  We understand that not everyone can afford the traditional hourly rates charged by most attorneys and that most people do not have unlimited budgets for legal services.  Yet, every individual should have a right to counsel and justice, no matter how much money she has; and individuals should know at the outset how much legal representation will cost them.

Our firm is unique in that we offer pricing packages outside of the traditional hourly rate model.  After an initial consultation, we will work with you to price out a fair and reasonable fee that is individualized to your case, whether that is a flat fee, contingency fee, or reasonable hourly fee.  


While you can hire us to take on your case from start to finish, we also offer unbundled legal services, which means that our attorneys can help you with discrete parts of your case while you handle the rest of your case.  For example, you might only work up your case until trial, and then hire us to represent you solely for trial, or vice versa.  This option is ideal for our clients who desire to save fees and retain more control over their cases.  We can handle the discrete tasks/phases (identified below) you would like us to take on.  What does that mean for you?

  • No nickle & diming you for every call with us.  You pay only for each concrete task we take on below.

  • Full transparency & no more uncertainty regarding attorney's fees

  • Flexibility regarding which legal services you would like us to take on

Menu of Primera Law Services:

*Client can choose to retain us by phase or per service in each phase.

Team Meeting


Pre-Litigation Phase

  • Analysis of merits of case after reviewing key documents

  • Strategize re responding to disciplinary matters

  • Assist client in responding to EEO interviews / preparing EEO Statements

  • Prepare responses to employers for disciplinary matters

  • Represent client at EEO counseling/mediation sessions

  • Settlement negotiations including prepare demand letter to employer 

Contract Review


Litigation Phase I

  • Interview key witnesses & review additional documents needed to file complaint

  • Draft & file complaint

  • Draft & oppose dispositive motions including motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment

  • Draft initial disclosures

  • Represent client at hearings including initial status conference, subsequent status conferences, and hearings on dispositive motions

Judge hammer and business report papers,


Litigation Phase II

  • Propound written discovery including interrogatories, requests for production & requests for admissions and deposition notices

  • Respond to discovery requests

  • Prepare & defend client at deposition

  • Prepare & depose witnesses 

  • Prepare & oppose discovery motions including motions to compel discovery and to quash.  



Litigation Phase III

  • Pre-trial preparation including drafting of opening and closing statements and direct and cross examination outlines

  • Prepare client & other key witnesses for trial

  • Draft pre-trial pleadings

  • Represent client at trial

  • Prepare post-trial pleadings including post-hearing brief and motion for attorney's fees.

  • Prepare appeal/petition for review of verdict/decision & additional supporting documents such as reply briefs

Shaking Hands


As Needed

  • Represent client at mediation/settlement conferences throughout litigation

  • Prepare & represent client at unemployment hearings

  • Prepare & represent client before the Office of Special Counsel

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