About Primera Law Group


Our Vision

We envision a world in which everyone is treated equally and fairly, where people feel safe, and are given the same opportunities to succeed regardless of their gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, or resources.  Our mission is to give a voice to the most powerless, vulnerable and marginalized members of our community by protecting victims of discrimination, abuse, assault, and fraud, ensuring they are zealously represented and defended by the law, and holding accountable those responsible for these abuses.  Ultimately, it is our hope that each case, each client we advocate for, each positive result we reach, brings us that much closer to our goal of systemic change and justice in Colorado and beyond.  We are proud to work alongside our clients to change their lives for the better and to influence change in our communities.  

Why Primera is Unique

In Spanish, "primera" means "first," and always at the forefront of our practice is putting our clients' needs first.  We understand that the legal process is daunting for many reasons. Litigation is oftentimes hostile, protracted, and full of legalese.  Lawyers do not have the best reputation for transparency, honesty, and efficiency.  On top of that, hiring an attorney can be financially draining and full of uncertainty as one cannot predict how you might ultimately pay in attorney's fees.  We understand all of these concerns and aim to make our law practice more approachable, efficient, and affordable for you.  Learn more about our employment, civil rights, and consumer protection practice here and the services we offer here.  

Our Promise to You

At Primera, we promise that if you reach out to us for help, we will put you and your interests first.  We will efficiently and quickly work with you towards a just resolution; be available and get back to you as quickly as possible; and be transparent about the fees we charge.  You will know exactly what you are paying for.  


Deborah Yim
Founder and Principal